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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Website Wednesday: Schoolgirl Style

Okay, so typically my featured website on Wednesday aren't blogs or stores but when I stumbled across this teacher's blog I was floored!  My addiction to all things that are visually stimulating was in high gear when cruising Melanie Rulbusky's site.  Talk about a majorly talented designer (and by the looks of it, teacher too) - Melanie masters the art of making her classroom a welcoming place for her students.

I have always prided myself on my own room. It is 99% of the time extremely neat and organized and while I've always dreamed of making it more themed, I've always been typically happy with what I have managed to do.  But after seeing her site and ideas, I am now charged up to make some bright colorful and creative changes to my own classroom!  I can't wait to start my design board. :-)

Not only does Melanie create welcoming environments for her own students, she also shares her work with others for a nominal fee. And since time IS money for many of us, I think it's a fabulous and wonderful thing that she does sell them for other teachers to use.  Be sure to check out her latest creation - an Owl themed classroom.  She also has a Pinterest (of course) with more fabulous ideas.

Have you come across a classroom or design website that you just absolutely love? Share it below. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Permission to Pin

It's amazing how many times we all sign up for something without reading the fine print first. (I, of course, remember my mom and dad telling me to always read it so I can't blame them and hang my head in shame.) ;-)  The good news is, someone finally did read the fine print on Pinterest and wrote an article about what the rest of didn't bother reading - which you can see here.  Basically, in a nutshell, Pinterest terms of use state that whatever you are pinning that you are the rightful owner of those pictures and that they reserve the right to use those pins in any way they choose.

So in an effort to assure everyone that I am completely okay with them pinning anything they get from my blog or other sites, I am joining the Link Up that Laura Candler has set-up and is hosting.  Be sure to check out her blog for more information.

Feel free to pin away off any of my sites.   Thank you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Linky Party - Free and Fabulous Fonts

It is no secret that I love new and different (and of course FREE) fonts!  You may remember the post I did a couple weeks ago about some of my favorites.  Some of you even emailed me your favorites too, which was totally awesome.  I collect fonts. I must have over a hundred that didn't come with my office programs. Each font has been used for something in my classroom. Perhaps a bulletin board title, class newsletter, my blog (this font is called Coming Soon), letters home regarding special occasions or class functions and of course any registration forms I have to do for school for the wide variety of programs we offer and I oversee.  They are an easy way to jazz up printouts for students and other things. It isn't odd to hear one of my students comment that they really like a font that I've used and ask if we can add it to their computers. Which I of course will do. :-)

Anyway, after receiving some great suggestions from some of you, it occurred to me that I should host my very first Linky Party specializing in Free Fonts! Here are a few of my other favorites that I haven't told you about before.  Click on the picture to be brought to the website where you can download it too!

I could go on for awhile but I'll stop for now. But I may add some more later.  

So here is your chance to share your favorite font or fonts that you've have downloaded for free.

Here's what to do:

  1. Save my blank laptop jpg above as an image on your computer. 
  2. Open your favorite program to edit images and insert a textbox on the laptop image screen.  
  3. Type the NAME of your favorite font in THAT font.  (see mine above)
  4. Save it and add it as an image to your blog post.
  5. Write a quick post about your free can be why you like it, what you use it for....anything you want to see.  
  6. Add a link to your font image directing us to where we can easily download that same font.  
  7. Be sure to copy my Free and Fabulous Linky Party Image to your blog post to and link it back to me.  
And while we are at it, I've decided to create a Pinterest board of all our fonts.  So leave me a comment below with your Pinterest link below so I can add you as a collaborator to the board.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In this class we.....

This school year was a little different in the fact that I missed the first 8 weeks of school since I was out on maternity leave with my darling daughter.  For a teacher who is VERY hands on in my classroom set-up and simply love the first day of school, this was a bit difficult for me even though I head over heels in love with my new daughter, Kenzie.  So in order to bring back some of that first day excitement when I returned to work, I brought in a few new things into the classroom that the students had never seen before.

One of those items was my Gumball Machine, which I use for behavior management along with my classroom economy.  You can read about that cool incentive here.  I also changed up my classroom cash and named it in honor of my daughter and called it Kenzie Kash. The other item I brought in was a Pinterest inspired idea that I had seen in between caring for Kenzie.  It was a large poster that I recreated on Photoshop and ordered the final product from Vista Print (which will be my next Market Monday review) and explained all the things we DO in 5th grade, compared to the traditional rules that tell kids what not to do.  I modified it a little bit to fit my classroom and what takes place in our grade.  For example, we do take quizzes and tests....lots of them.  But we also do laugh, dream and share with one another while growing into responsible young people.  This poster has hung up prominently in the classroom since I returned and will continue hanging until the last day of school.  It's a constant reminder to my kids (and me) about all the great things we do (or should be doing.)

What would your class poster say? Share below or send me a picture on our Facebook page.

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