Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fake Facebook - Endless Possibilities

I recently came across this website called My Fake Wall and am in love.  While this site promotes the ability for people to create fake profile pages "just for fun", I see it as a way to have my students research people and present their research in a whole new format!

What's cool about it?

1.  Students can create a profile - picture and all for the person they are researching.
2.  Fake "status updates" can be made.  Just imagine your class doing this for people of the American Revolution.  I can already see a status update for Paul Revere saying "The Redcoats are coming - must warn the others!"
3.  Fake friends can be added to the profile, so students can create an accurate friend list of whomever they are researching.  Even better - these "friends" can comment on the status updates or post a message of their own on the page.

These are just a few great things about this tool that I have seen.  In addition, I'm glad I can create just one generic login for my class and have multiple students sign-in under my login and create different pages.  I can't wait to use this resource with my I just need to think of who I'm going to have them research and create.  Truly the possibilities are endless. You could have kids do famous scientists, mathematicians, past presidents, etc.

What are some ways you would use this website?


  1. LOVE THIS SITE!!! What a great way to tie in technology, research, your subject area, and current trends (facebook) LOVE IT.... I'm finding a way to use it next year.

  2. What if students created a page for the character in a novel?


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