Monday, January 23, 2012

Market Mondays: Store More Chair Pocket Deluxe

It's another Market Monday product review.  This week we are focusing on Really Good Stuff's Store More Chair Pockets.  Prior to having these chair pockets, I had handmade pockets that consisted of two hunter green table mats sewn together with think string coming from the sides to attach to the side of the desk or chairs.  They weren't anything spectacular but the did the job.....kind of.  However, with the amount of books that our students have at our school and the fact that I make an organizational binder for each of my students (iPod Binders), I knew I had to get something that held more.  So, this year I chalked up the money and got real chair pockets.

I originally opted for the Store More Multi-Pocket Chair Cover with a spot for the water bottle.  They were a bit more costlier but I did it while they were offering a 15% off special.  I was so excited to get these pockets....but disappointment hit when they arrived. They didn't fit my students' chairs. They were way too small.  So, I sent them back. To make matters worse, I had to pay return shipping which was close to $20.  I wasn't happy about it but I still needed chair pockets. So I exchanged them out for the Store More Chair Pockets XL.  My students have been using them for about 5 months.

Here's the quick pro/con breakdown.

  •  They fit our extremely large chairs
  •  Spacious pockets
  •  Comes with a pencil case that velcros to the back
  •  The primary colors match my room 
  • Price and shipping cost (However, I will admit I haven't been able to find other chair pockets for much cheaper 
  • Colors - even though they work for me, I sort of wished they had other choices
  • Only one pocket
  • No place for the water bottle 
  • Must purchase in sets of 6.....because we all have perfect multiples of six classes, right?
When it comes to an overall rating for these chair pockets, I give them a 4.  Mostly because of cost.  I was lucky, I only had to buy three sets.....I can't imagine being able to purchase these if I had a typical class of 30+.

Do you have chair pockets for your classroom?  What type and what do you think of them? Share down below in the comments section.


  1. I'm a parent, sewing 150 for teachers this week!

  2. I'm a parent, sewing 150 for teachers this week!


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