Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Website Wednesday: Schoolgirl Style

Okay, so typically my featured website on Wednesday aren't blogs or stores but when I stumbled across this teacher's blog I was floored!  My addiction to all things that are visually stimulating was in high gear when cruising Melanie Rulbusky's site.  Talk about a majorly talented designer (and by the looks of it, teacher too) - Melanie masters the art of making her classroom a welcoming place for her students.

I have always prided myself on my own room. It is 99% of the time extremely neat and organized and while I've always dreamed of making it more themed, I've always been typically happy with what I have managed to do.  But after seeing her site and ideas, I am now charged up to make some bright colorful and creative changes to my own classroom!  I can't wait to start my design board. :-)

Not only does Melanie create welcoming environments for her own students, she also shares her work with others for a nominal fee. And since time IS money for many of us, I think it's a fabulous and wonderful thing that she does sell them for other teachers to use.  Be sure to check out her latest creation - an Owl themed classroom.  She also has a Pinterest (of course) with more fabulous ideas.

Have you come across a classroom or design website that you just absolutely love? Share it below. 

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