Thursday, April 24, 2014

Logic Links - Math Problem Solving

I recently broke out the Logic Links Puzzles for my kids again. And as usual, they love them!  I am using them in my Morning Work Folders for 4th quarter (which I encourage you to read about as they save me so much time) but this year I am do an app smash (combining multiple apps) to have the students hand them into me.
First, they start off with getting their morning work folder.  Inside, I have work for each day of the week for the entire quarter.  So on Thursdays, the students do Logic Links.  They look to see which color chips they need and then grab them from my chip organizer.  I got this organizer from Amazon - it's perfect for keeping the different colors separate and it allows the students to easily grab what they need.

White storage container holds the chips.
Logic Links

I always go over the first puzzle with my students and we work on it together.  My rules for them is they need to: 
  1. Read over all the clues first.  
  2. Place the dots where they go BUT before they color them in, they must read over each clue AGAIN and put a check mark next to it saying that it is true.  
After my students have completed the puzzle they then take out their iPad.  Using the Camera App, they snap a photo of their completed puzzle (complete with the clues so I can see the check marks) and then they upload it onto Edmodo using the Edmodo app.  I always create an assignment for each Logic Link which allows my students to simply attach the photo for me to grade. I can quickly open each one, see if it's correct and issue a grade.  This is perfect for me to grade their work, without them having to take the activity out of their Morning Work Folder.

I can see and grade student's work in Edmodo.
If you haven't used these puzzles, I really encourage you to do so. The students LOVE them!

What's your favorite brain puzzle?



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