Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Print Your Hanging File Folder Labels and Sticky Notes!

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about going back to school. After all, July has just begun.  And I'll be honest, during the day I'm hanging out with my beautiful girls and taking them to parks, science centers, classes - you name it, I'm doing it with them.  After all, I work very hard during the school year and don't get this special time with them. So I'm going to take advantage of it.  

HOWEVER, this does not mean I'm not thinking about school. Oh I am! The girls nap, and if I don't nap with them, I'm hanging out on Pinterest. Looking at handouts from the latest ISTE conference. Cruising teacher blogs to find the next great idea.  And of course - thinking about my own classroom organization.  I LOVE AN ORGANIZED CLASSROOM. Love it. Adore it. Need it.  And because of this crazy desire want, I have created a SIMPLE little template to help make life easier.  Go here to download it. 
Before - nasty crooked writing ;-)

Despite me going to mostly digital in many aspects, I still have a file cabinet or two in my classroom.  Filled with hanging folders galore. And I'll be honest - I can't stand the handwritten labels. Either my writing isn't perfectly centered or it's not straight - whatever it is, I'll find an issue with it.  I like things neatly typed.  So Bam!  Here you go - a template for you to type in and have perfectly neat hanging file folder labels. 
Neat - typed - beautiful
Now just when I thought things couldn't get better, I came across this little gem from Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers.  She has a template for printing on STICKY NOTES!  Oh my goodness. I can't wait to use these. 

Her template, which can be found here, is for printing on standard 3x3 sticky notes.  Follow these easy steps to be a Sticky Note Printing Fanatic.

1.  Using your Google Account open the file AND CREATE A COPY.
2.  Print one copy of the template - save this to use over and over again as your master template.
  • Pull down the File menu to “Print settings and preview.”
  • At the top of the “Print settings” page, choose: 
    • Handout – 4 slides per page
    • Portrait
After you have printed your "master template" you can now go back in and edit up the file with whatever information you want on it.  When you are done, take your template and place the sticky notes on the outlines.  Place that paper into the printer and follow the same print instructions listed above.  You should now have perfectly printed sticky notes. 

Be sure to check out Tammy's page for more sticky note templates, including Proofreading Checklists.

Hopefully you'll find the resources above useful when you do head back into the classroom to start the beginning of the year organization.



  1. Thanks for sharing these two templates. They are great!

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  2. Super! Makes me want to start getting organized NOW!!

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