Monday, January 14, 2013

Market Monday: Quietest (and most amazing) Pencil Sharpener Ever

Every single teacher knows how important it is to have a good pencil sharpener in their classroom.  It is as necessary as having students to teach.  I, for one, have gone through many an electric sharpeners in my day.  I've spent anywhere from $20-$60 on these sharpeners.  And I can say eight years into my career not a single one has lasted.  I all about gave up and added a "personal hand held sharpener" to my students' supply list.  However, when I heard about the Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener and read the reviews, I'll admit I was intrigued.   

So, when I was given a chance to review this product, I figured what the heck - why not?  I received my green sharpener in the mail and let the box sit for a few weeks.  What was the rush, right?  It would probably end up failing like every other sharpener I've ever bought or received for my classroom.  But one day when a student asked if he could borrow someone's sharpener because his handheld one broke, I remembered my box.  Immediately I opened it up and the classroom was abuzz with excitement.  I heard comments like, "Mrs. Lyon you got one of those?!?" and "I LOVE that sharpener!"  Turned out the previous year teacher had one.  

Needless to say the students knew exactly how to work it and those who didn't quickly learned.  Soon I was a believer too! This was by far the BEST PENCIL SHARPENER in the world - and it wasn't even electric.  I highly recommend that if you don't already own one that you place your order immediately.  Trust me - you won't regret it. 

Let's break it down:

  • It really is quiet.
  • Sharpens to an awesome point - just the way I like my pencils.
  • Doesn't need to be mounted like other non-electric sharpeners.
  • The cost - for only $25 it really is a steal 
  • Doesn't require an outlet to plug it in. 
  • Color choices - I wish it came in more colors. For some reason I would love a fushia pink one!
 Overall Rating: 5 stars  

Head on over to Friendly Classroom Supplies and get yours today. 


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