Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Culture of a Classroom

I've been receiving a lot of emails about the poster I have hanging in my room which shows a list of cultural norms within our four classroom walls.  I discovered a version of this poster on Pinterest and adapted it to suit my own needs.  Well after many of your earnest emails asking me to list this image in my TpT store, I finally had the time and adjusted the psd so that it could be used in any classroom.

I ended up getting the poster printed through Vista Print all for under $20.  Which in my opinion for a poster that I refer to DAILY was well worth the money.  For those of you wondering, it is the "Large Poster" which has the dimensions of 24" x 36" and then I uploaded my own image.
If you are interested in getting a copy, head on over to my TpT store. 

You can see my original post here regarding the poster.

This would also work with the Classroom Rules Posters I created.  Both are available in my TpT store. Just click on the poster you are interested in to be taken there.  (Interested in Specific Colors and Design - contact me)



  1. This is so great! I am definitely going to take the idea and make it fit my kiddies. Thanks!

    1. Awesome! Enjoy - it's definitely added a lot to my classroom and the way we look at things.


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