Monday, May 21, 2012

End of Year Memory Books

School yearbooks are great souvenirs for the end of the school year, however, I also like creating classroom memory books with my students.  And for those students who were unable to purchase the school yearbook for some reason, the book we create in class may just be their only memento of their school year.

I've created a quick and easy book that you can make with your class.  Each students fills out a sheet with all their favorites from the year and fills out a few questions or open ended statements.  When finished, I collect them all and make a copy for each student in my class along with a copy of the About My Class page.  And of course, no memory book would be complete without an autograph page or two. 

Quick, easy and in most cases a cheaper alternative for a memory book for ALL your students.  Check out my End of Year Memory Book template at my TpT store!



  1. I bet they love this! My favorite part is that no one is left out; oftentimes, traditional yearbooks leave people out (either the student isn't in it much or couldn't afford to buy one). This is something that EVERYone can participate in. Cool. :)

    1. Typically my class does enjoy this. You are right - it does allow all to participate. Nothing worse than buying a yearbook to find out the only photo of you that made it is just the class pic. :-/


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