Friday, December 13, 2013

Freebie Friday: Free Greeting Cards

It's time for another Freebie Friday!  Today, I was dismayed when I realized I had forgotten a greeting card I had bought for a colleague at home.  Unable to run to the store to get another one and not at all interested in paying another $3.95 for it, I turned to the internet.
Multiple greeting card options

Editing abilities
I was overjoyed when I came across a website called Greetings Island.  This website allows you to choose from a wide variety of greeting cards and customize them with personalized messages.

The card I chose.
I was able to quickly create a new card, actually personalize it and print it out all in under three minutes!  No more running to the store for me.  These cards are cute and exactly what one would need.

Go check them out today!


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