Thursday, April 17, 2014

QR Code Easter Egg Hunt

As a Catholic School Teacher I am able to incorporate in our Catholic holidays within the curriculum and Easter is no exception.  One of my favorite activities that I do with my kids is our QR Code Easter Egg Hunt.  However, if you aren't able to celebrate "Easter" this could easily be adapted without using that word. :-)

Making the QR Codes with riddles and the final prizes.
I begin the day by grouping my students into groups of four.  After that, they are given a puzzle or activity of some sort that they need to solve.  Once they have figured out the answer, they bring it up for me to check.  If the answer is correct, I give them a QR Code that I created.  When they scan the QR Code, they are given a riddle of sorts which will lead them to another teacher's room.  When they get to that room, one student goes in and tells the teacher what the password is that they were given on the riddle.  If the password matches what I told that particular teacher, they are given their groups colored egg (each group is assigned a color so they only get their eggs). If it doesn't the teacher tells them they have the wrong teacher.  Within the plastic egg are letters which they will use for the final puzzle.  After getting their egg, the group comes back to me for the next puzzle.  Once they solve that, they get another QR Code from me with a riddle and it continues through six puzzles or activities.  They collect six eggs total (some contain more than one letter).  The final puzzle requires them to unscramble the letters they got in the eggs, which spell out the final location of the prize - PRINCIPAL. :-)

The students truly enjoy this activity and it's pretty simple to set up.
Here is what you will need:
My clues - each leads to a different teacher
and the final to the Principal

  • 6 plastic colored eggs in 4-5 different colors (depending on how many groups you want. I usually do groups of 4 or 5 kids)
  • Letters to put in the eggs which will spell out the final location of the prize when unscrambled. 
  • 7 different riddles - the last one should lead them to the prize.
  • 7 QR Codes (I color code mine) that when scanned give the students the riddle
  • 7 different puzzles or worksheets that need to be completed accurately
  • Prizes for the winners (I do class cash, free homework pass, and fun pencils. Depending on the place the group comes in, it gets less and less for each one)  
  • I do 4-5 new QR Codes that when scanned tell the group what their prize is.  So one code is for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and so on. 

QR Codes for the riddles
My favorite activities are usually freebies from Teachers Pay Teachers.  However, rule of thumb - if you grab a freebie from TpT, be kind and leave some feedback. :-)  My all time puzzles that I do are the Hink Pinks and Hinky Pinkys.  I particularly loved these ones:

I used them for three of my puzzles and the students would solve four at a time.  They are challenging but fun!  For the other activities I would usually do an unscramble of sorts, a brain puzzle, and a math worksheet.

Leave me a comment if you give this a try. I would love to hear how you adapted it for your classroom.



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