Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Website Wednesdays: Artsonia

ARTSONIA - If you haven't heard of this amazing website then you need to! Where else can you find a plethora of amazing art projects for students?  Chances are, if you are a "pinner" on Pinterest, you have come across Artsonia.  You could spend hours on this website looking at student art work to pin and try in your own classroom at a later date.

So easy to get started!
Still confused?  Well, let me explain.  Artsonia is an online database of uploaded student artwork, which is organized by schools and individual student portfolios.  Basically, as a teacher you sign up your school and enter your student roster (after getting parent permission of course).  Afterwards it's time to begin uploading work.  As students finish artwork throughout the year, you either snap a picture or scan their work and upload it under an exhibit.  It takes about 24 hours for student work to show up on the site.  When it does, it is available for online viewing to everyone.  This allows family members of our students, who may not be close, to still see the artwork that is being produced in the classroom.
Doves Of Hope Exhibit
Student Work

However, not only can people cruise through these online portfolios, you can even purchase items (bags, postcards, magnets, temporary tattoos) with the artwork actually printed on it.  The best part - the school gets a percentage of all sales back to use on art supplies.   This is a fabulous opportunity for schools that are looking for ways to boost their art program, but weren't sure how.  Students also have an opportunity to win Artist of the Week.  If their artwork is voted as the best for the week, they receive a $50 gift certificate and the school a $100 gift certificate to Blicks Art Materials (they also have amazing art lessons on their website - check them out here).

From the teacher login, you can quickly
view your school's stats.
Our school has been using Artsonia for three years now (the first year only two of us used it but now all our teachers do) and every year our payout continues to grow and personally, I think the artwork gets better.  Parents love that they can see their child's artwork and share it with friends and students love to see their work online and students are proud to have their work up for the world to see.  Another cool component are the fan clubs, where family and friends can leave comments on any art project they see.  Students can also submit an Artist Statement that explains how they feel about their art project, what inspired them, what they would have changed, etc.
American Gothic -
A Collaborate Group Project

As if all of this wasn't enough, there is even a section for teachers to browse and look up art lessons plans.  And if they so choose, they can submit their own to share with other teachers out there.  And just like last week's website, Artsonia is ALSO FREE!!!!!  Sooooo.....what are you waiting for?
Go - browse - pin - create!  Who knows - you just might have the next Picasso in your class. :-)  


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