Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wiki With Us

After taking some time since my beautiful baby, Kenzie, was born in July, I have finally decided to hop back into the world of blogging and sharing teaching ideas. In order to keep this resolution of updating my site regularly, I have created a couple days a week in which I will have themes. This is what I have come up with (and feel free to give me more ideas in the comments below). 

Market Mondays: I will review and post my experience with products for teachers. 

Website Wednesdays: There are SO many great websites out there for me to share and discuss.
That's it for time goes on I may add more and of course I will post ideas or other things as they come up. 

In the meantime, I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my wikipage, which holds many resources that you just may find beneficial.  Some of the popular items are located under the "Classroom Posters" tab.  It is there that you can find posters that I have created for Genre, Literary Elements and Reading Strategies to name just a few. Why pay close to $20 on teacher websites when all you need to do is print and laminate?  I hope you enjoy! All I ask for in payment is that you follow my blog and share it with a friend.  AND - while you're there, be sure to join the wiki and Wiki With Us! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow, Market Monday, when I review an item that any teacher who teaches art should have! 


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